What is Truza?

Truza is the pursuit of Truth. It is an attempt to bring clarity to contentious issues in a simple and unbiased manner.


Truza employs researchers who have one task: to seek the best source available for a particular argument.


The summarized findings are neatly presented in a table that compares alternate points of view. Truza does not offer any opinions or conclusions on any subject.


Truza will never stop changing and improving. Users will be able to submit superior sources to support a particular argument.

5-star ranking system

In order to maintain objectivity, all provided sources are vetted through a standardized 5-star ranking system.


"Anonymous sources", conspiracies, opinion pieces by unqualified individuals.


Known bias, does not take into account full picture, limited sourcing.


Could be biased, but relatively well-sourced and relatively fair to opposing viewpoints.


Peer reviewed science or well-sourced and mostly unbiased research document.


Statistics, video evidence or direct quotations; all with correct context.

Statement of Opinion

Sometimes, Truza is unable to apply a rating if the argument cannot be proven. In such cases, Truza will provide the correct context of the opinion rather than applying a rating.

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